What is a Franchising / License Program
The scope of franchising is to sell a successful, complete and comprehensive verified business system.
It is a very special form of business network organization of legally independent entrepreneurs.

The rights and liability authorizes each franchisee and at the same time binds him to use the franchisor’s name or brand, know-how, business and methods, the system of procedures and other rights attaching to the intellectual property.

The franchisor provides them with constant support.

Advantages of the Franchising / License Programme

  • To purchase an established business formula
  • To enter into a successful, upgraded and verified business system
  • The development of the services and their management is already established
  • An entire supportive system / network is already established

The DHI Global Ltd Business System and Franchise Network

Due to the increasing demand both from customers as well as potential business partners DHI Global LTD decided at the beginning of 2004 the strong expansion worldwide.
As a goal we had set ourselves a wider recognition of DHI brand, based on our 40 years experience in the field of hair loss.
Within the national and international market we have been expanding by granting franchise licenses for certified franchise centers. We penetrate new markets in the same way (or by an association agreement) or by through the holding company granting a master franchise license to a selected partner, thus giving him the right and liability to cover the entire market with certified franchise centers (i.e. India and Russia).

Values of our Franchise / License system

1. Uniqueness
We have developed the most advanced DHI Total Care System in the world, with a system of continuous innovation both of equipment as well as the soft part of the service.

2. Availability and profitability

We have designed the model to ensure that the initial cost of purchase and start-up of an own franchise centre is not too high and that we can enable you to repay the initial investment with profit in a short time, whilst at the same time already be making profit.

3. Implementation and systematic work
The entire business operation system is extremely accurately analyzed and written in the form of a franchise manual which can be efficiently transferred to franchisees within the implementation of a clearly defined system of training.

Key facts

  • More own centres have successfully operated for a number of years
  • Our model is based on a successful and well proven business concept and on the experience gained through more own successful centers, which presents an important guarantee for a safe investment.
  • More than 41 years of experience in the field of hair restoration
  • Trust in the quality and efficiency of the DHI brand
  • Our unique DHI Total Care System and our happy clients increase the good reputation and trust of DHI. It is a quality brand, and judged on its excellent results it is considered to have a good balance between quality and price, despite its position within a higher price category.
  • Strong market presence of the DHI brand
  • Established franchise model
    Based on many years of experience in the management of the DHI centers worldwide, DHI Global has developed an extremely advanced franchise business system, which gives you a “turn-key” solution complete with knowledge, experience and solutions provided by experts who are familiar with all features of the hair loss and scalp disorders, its development, management, organization and marketing of DHI centers. In this process, DHI ensures constant assistance to franchisees.
  • Member of worldwide organizations in the field of worldwide Hair restoration

How to get your own Franchise Centre

STEP 1 Make an Inquiry

Please click here and fill out the relevant form.
As long as you fill all the relevant fields, our Operations Department will come back to you to set up a meeting.

STEP 2 Meet the DHI Operations Manager

A meeting will be set up by our Operations Department. The meeting can be scheduled either in one of our clinics worldwide, or by skype, or webinar, or video conference or call conference.
A detailed presentation of the DHI brand, DHI Total Care System, approximate assessments of operation, expected return of the investment, conditions for joining the DHI Group etc we will be provided to you.
We can together look at the pilot centre, or we can also visit some of the franchise centres. In short, we will answer all of your questions.

STEP 3 Sign the agreement

After mutual confirmation of our cooperation, drawing up the DHI Franchise Agreement follows.

STEP 4 Set up the business

You are ready to begin.

We will together determine the most accurate date of the preliminary training for you and your staff. We will do our best to help you keep your operation in track and operating successfully in the future.